Why I Fell In Love

Sailorman’s last post, Problems, reveals why you probably shouldn’t buy a 37′ sailboat as an impulse buy, but in the end none of that really matters when you fall in love. Right?

As we walked the dock at Little Yacht Sales that faithful day in September 2018, I couldn’t help but notice the words “Beautiful Dreamer” on the side of a canoe stern.

Beautiful Dreamer on Canoe Stern

As a former teacher in visual communication, my eyes were instantly drawn to the lettering on this sailboat; it was so beautifully done.

I knew right then that if we bought it, this would be the first boat that we would NOT rename. In fact, the original owners of this Tayana 37 named her, and no owner thereafter ever thought of changing it (we are the fifth owners) — Smart move.

So buy it we did, and it didn’t matter that there were blisters on her bottom, leaky chain plates, broken alternator, and other unknown problems that have revealed themselves during these last ten months.  This Tayana 37 is a classic, and despite the issues that come with age, she was in great shape.

A Little Tour:

I hope this little photo tour of our Beautiful Dreamer helps you see why it was love at first sight.

The Galley:

Tayana 37 Beautiful Dreamer Galley

What first mate doesn’t love a galley with an oven, refrigerator, freezer, double sinks and lots of cabinets ALL within a 3′ x 3′ foot space!

This is the first kitchen/galley I can cook complete meals just buy turning in a circle!

Climate Control:

And speaking of refrigeration, this Tayana is also complete with ducked A/C and heat. Almost a necessity for sitting dockside at the marina on hot Texas days.

AC Duct to V-Berth

Teak, Teak, and more Teak:

And let’s not forget the beautiful teak cabinets, walls, and floors. There is storage galore, including two hanging lockers, and this original brass oil lantern.

Tayana 37 Original Oil Lantern

Looking towards stern of Tayana 37

The Head:

The detail on the head door is a testament to the pride taken by those who built the Tayana (it is said no two Tayana’s are alike, as each one was custom designed).

Tayana 37 Door to Head

And the best part? The head has a separate shower! This is a totally luxury item for me in regards to boating, and I’ll never go back.

Beauty is in the Details:

Check out this moveable panel between the stern berth and the cabin.  Left open it feels like part of the cabin, but closed up, a very private space. Beautiful.

Interior of Stern Cabin Window

Sern Cabin Window

Let’s move onto the Upper Deck.

Butterfly Hatch:

Of course some of the best jewelry on this old girl is up top. Like this teak butterfly hatch.

Tayana 37 Teak Butterfly Hatch

Sure it leaks, but I’m going to have to be thrown overboard before I let Sailorman replace it with something more “modern.” Just look at it! ❤️

The Bowsprit

And the bowsprit is a work of art in it’s own right. Complete with a Texas star for this Texas lady.

Tayana 37 Bowsprit

Bowsprit from Below

Standing on the Bowsprit

The Doghouse:

Miss Roxie on the Doghouse

Scruffy Miss Roxie enjoys hangout on the doghouse. Which, by the way, is really what it’s called.

On a sailboat, A doghouse is a part of the belowdecks cabin which is raised above the deck level to provide additional headroom below.* Miss Roxie knows where she belongs.

Now this is a ships wheel:

Tayana 37 Ship's Wheel

From my point-of-view, our Tayana 37, Beautiful Dreamer, is perfect in every detail – right down to her key.

Key to Tayana 37

So while Sailorman is focused on the mechanics of this old yacht, arguable the most important part of the vessel, my job will be to make this boat feel like home. I have the easy job…

Happy Sails!
Mrs. Padilly

*Seatalk Nautical Dictionary.


3 thoughts on “Why I Fell In Love

  1. OMG! She certainly IS a beauty! Oh how envious I am now. Congratulations! I can imagine it was/is lots and lots of work to put her back into shape in all aspects boating/sailing, but she is worth all your efforts. Thanks, for showing me all this.
    Have a wonderful weekend,

    Liked by 1 person

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