About S/V Beautiful Dreamer, its Captain, and First Mate.

Welcome to our blog, svBeautifulDreamer.com!

Beautiful Dreamer, our newly acquired Tayana 37 sailboat, is a 35-year-old cutter-rigged blue water cruiser designed by Robert Perry.

Beautiful Dreamer in her slip at Waterford Harbor
Beautiful Dreamer in her slip at Waterford Harbor Marina

Her age is going to present many challenges as my wife Donna and I work to bring her up to a condition that will allow for her first blue water adventure, a cruise from Galveston, TX  to her future homeport of St. Petersburg, FL.

We are already learning a lot about this fine sailboat as we peel back years of wiring, plumbing, rigging, varnish, and paint. It is proving challenging at times, and we are both excited and intimidated by this boat, but she grows on us with every sail. 

Haul out Inspection of Beautiful Dreamer
Haul out Inspection of Beautiful Dreamer

I’m sure we will learn much about “boat husbandry” as we make her ready for voyaging!

We would love for you to follow along, learn from our successes and failures, and share in our experience of S/V Beautiful Dreamer’s eventual move from Texas to Florida.

Fair Winds and Following Seas,

Captain Mike (aka Sailorman)

About the Captain:

Sailorman Mike
1st Solo Sail of Beautiful Dreamer

Captain Mike (aka Sailorman) started sailing at age 9 on the area lakes of Dallas, TX. Competitive sailing became a passion he shared along with his father Rex.

Mike Sailing as Kid.
Mike sailing at the Dallas Corinthian Yacht Club – 1974

When the family moved to the Houston area in 1977, it introduced them to bay sailing, and these two racing sailors embraced cruising on larger waters and boats ever since.

Mike and Rex on Sailboat
Mike and his dad, Rex, enjoying their time together on their sailboat.

After a 10 year break from large boat sailing, Mike and his wife Donna find themselves owners of the Tayana 37 Beautiful Dreamer. Aptly named, the new vessel has Mike & Donna dreaming of Florida, The Keys, Bahama’s and perhaps beyond.

About the First Mate:

Bad Hair Days are the best days
Bad hair days are the best days.

First Mate Donna (aka Mrs. Padilly) began sailing in the 1970s.  Her first sailboat was a sunfish, which she sailed on Lake Placid, NY.

Donna Sailing on Lake Placid
Donna’s first Sail on Lake Placid, NY – 1974

Her parents rented the sunfish as part of their family vacation, and she was able to solo sail across the lake and back. Ever since that day she has dreamed about sailing again.

Donna and Brother Sailing Lake Placid
My brother and I begged our parents for another sail, and they agreed. But this time we had to share a boat.

It would take over 25 years before she would once again set sail. It took place on her first date with Captain Mike in 2001, on his Bombay Clipper 31′ called Memories. The couple has been making memories ever since.

Other blogs by Donna (aka Mrs. Padilly):

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